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We will not be open ​the

 fol​lowing dates​​:

We will be closed Friday October 8th, please check out our Main Street event 

The wine walk featuring the band “Members only” Starting at 7:30 at the silver moon plaza on the square- questions will by answered by contacting 646-4071 

Have fun and drink responsibly! 

Le Poisson

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Join Nico'Z weekly to enjoy 3 completely different menus in 4 days...

Every Quarter the Menus Change!

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600Pm-800pm seating times

(Reservations Required)

1st Quarter Lunch Menu

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Seafood Menu

If you don't have dreams, then you have nothing to look forward to...
Nicole Booth- owner Nico'Z

Lunch Menu

Every Quarter we create a NEW MENU to keep things Fresh and Delicious for our guests and keeps us from getting in the same old routine.  See our Menu Below.

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We've created a much needed break in your busy week and lifestyle every Wednesday!

Join us for Hump Day Happy Hour (HDHH) every Wednesday from 5pm-7pm with a Spectacular Menu of Specialty Pizzas & More...

We do serve a Wide Variety of Beer Flavors & Have the Best Wine Selection in Town.

Find out what you've been missing below.

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Dinner At Nico'Z

Are you ready for the weekend?

Start it off by making reservations to Nico'Z.  No longer do you have to travel for your birthday, anniversary or an evening out.  Don't expect a fast evening you may expect at a chain restaurant, expect an evening of food,

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